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Cedrick “Cedi” Johnson moves with a deliberate subtlety that only a principal actor in a country western can possess. Every movement and gesture is deliberate yet slight—with an extreme attention to the fine details of the moment, the presentation, the movement, the man. If history has taught any lessons, its resounding lesson is that it [history] repeats itself—and only history can prepare the fashion industry for the “Cedi Experience.” 

Cedi Johnson is more than a fashion designer; he is a self-proclaimed connoisseur of the American dream. Mr. Cedi understands his purpose and every deliberate action is driven by the pursuit of fulfilling his purpose to challenge the status quo in the fashion industry. Through his meticulous attention to the details of the information between the fluttering requests of his demanding clientele’— Mr. Cedi has been able to create the painstakingly abstract ideas and visions of one’s mind. Cedi has been able to transform the fashion industry’s landscape in Washington, DC and New York by thinking outside of the regional box, creating designs for Hollywood’s elite, music’s royalty, and corporate America’s most powerful players.


All of his accomplishments have not gone without a determined effort to base the bulk of his operations in Washington, DC Creating fabulous designs and styles for the elite worldwide, Big screen actress Vivica A. Fox, soultress Anita Baker, gospel legend and Grammy Award winner Dorinda Clark Cole, soul crooner Dwele’ and Corporates Brightest Juliette Okotie Eboh PhD. The Cedi Experience is felt across the country. Debuting his Fall 2018 Fall Collection at the famed Fashion Week in New York City. Cedi’s accolades, and far-reaching scope of genius are too many to name. During the historic inauguration of President Barack Obama, Mr. Cedi hosted a two hundred guest reception in Washington, DC’s glamorous Georgetown shopping district. Cedi is currently showcasing his fall 2018-19’ Coat Collection to the world via custom Pop-ups and all forms of Social Media. 

The Cedi Experience is more than trend setting fashions, but the Cedi Experience is a challenge for all artists to live the life they’ve always imagined, to become connoisseurs of their craft, to dream and to then build their dream, it is a challenge that Cedrick “Cedi” Johnson has risen to accomplish. IG: cedicollectiondc

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